Mudroom Makeover

Posted on Nov 2, 2011 in Home Page Feature, Inspiration, Utility Spaces

Happy Second Six Weeks of School!

I had grand plans of accomplishing so many projects this summer, but in the midst of it all remembered that all three of my kids would go to school this year. 5th grade, third grade and kindergarten – where did the time go? Needless to say, I switched gears and enjoyed the summer! I still made progress on the front porch, the entryway and started working on the Mudroom. Unfortunately, I was not blogging when I started so I don’t have before pictures.

This room was a priority because it makes a huge difference in the way our school year runs. I love school supplies, getting back into a routine, getting organized and most of all the Fall season!  Now that all three of my kiddos are in school it’s more important than ever for ME to be organized.  I thought I would start this school season off by tackling our mudroom.

My goal was to have a place to put backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, papers that we needed to keep and a place to post any upcoming things.  To make homework time as smooth and efficient as possible, and to have a place to put everything we need for the next morning.

We started out with a very narrow hallway that had a wall of cabinets with doors and an opening for a refrigerator on one side, and a blank wall on the other.  To the rescue Super Dad and Super Papa!

We decided to remove the doors on one section of the cabinets, and put in shelves that could hold baskets.  Each child now has a shelf with two baskets.  One basket holds papers and the other holds their lunch box and library books.  In the refrigerator “hole”, Super Dad and Super Papa built a mud bench.  They put hooks over the top for backpacks and jackets and a cubby down below for shoes.  The opposite wall now has frames for showing off the kids latest art work and a bulletin board to hang any pressing items for that week!

I LOVE it!  What a difference it makes to have a place for all of these things.

Coming Soon: I will show you what we did with the other side of the cabinets.


The Mudroom Makeover: Inspiration Pictures



  1. I love your sense of design! I am enjoying your updates! Love, love, love it! Hope to see you soon! Love you! Lala

    • You are so sweet! When are we going to see y’all?

  2. Oh my goodness! I love it!!!! The mudroom, the blog, the website…everything!!! Miss you!

    • Thank you! We miss y’all too! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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