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Posted on Mar 15, 2012 in DIY Projects, Home Page Feature, Utility Spaces

The Laundry Room

I was afraid that if my title was The Laundry Room it might scare people away.  If they saw my laundry room most days it actually would.  One word – chaos!  I have tried many different “systems” of doing the laundry and truly think it is an area that I might not ever conquer.  However, we do need clean clothes, and so I might as well have a pretty room to battle it in!

I was on Pinterest this morning and found these.  Just a little side by side comparison…

1) Martha Stewart  2) Canadian House and Home 3) blog.purehome.com  4-6) vista trail designs before

So, I decided that I’d like to brighten things up.  For starters, I’ve taken off two of my four cabinet doors.  I think a little open shelving might create some accountability.  Next, I would like to paint – the walls, the ironing closet cover, the hanger rod and the cabinets.  I love the blue cabinets above!  Finally, I would like to find  a different solution for dirty clothes.  This is where I cannot seem to figure out what is best.  It can’t be too conciliatory  or it won’t get done.  Is it better to have one hamper for the whole family?  A hamper in each bathroom or bedroom? A sorter?  Multiple sorters?  AAHHH!

I know I want to keep the open shelving/ cabinet door combo, I would like to store laundry supplies, paper towels and toilet paper in there too, maybe even extra cleaning supplies as well.  Any ideas?  Advice?  I’d love to hear it!





  1. Hi Tiffany, what I like to use is and idea I started using when my children were young. The 5 laundry basket system on a wire shelving you can find at ikea, Lowes, or Home Depot.  Four of the laundry baskets are label: whites, towels, darks, colors and one empty basket to carry your clean clothes to your folding area.  Everyone deposits their dirty laundy in the corresponding baskets after taking their baths.  Each morning I’d put one load in the washer, the load in the washer goes in the dryer and the load in the dryer goes to your folding area. In my case it was my bed, so I’d have to fold one load every day before going to bed.  I’d fold and give each person their stack to put away for the day.  It helped me keep laundry from taking over.  If it works for an apple a day keeps the doctor away. A load of laundry a day keeps the laundry monster away. 

    •  @jmlecocq Great ideas Julie!  Now I just need to be consistent so that they can too!

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