Picture perfect

Posted on Mar 3, 2012 in Displays, Home Page Feature

I love to have pictures of our family around our home! It’s really my favorite kind of art. I’m sure some people would prefer other things, but it gives me such great perspective to see the way our family changes and sweet memories of time together.  This picture in particular was taken on the side of the pool.  Nothing crazy, but it completely captures Reeder and his fun personality!

Several years back I bought black frames, had mats cut and hung pictures. We have enjoyed switching the photos out periodically and in fact, those are still in our home today. However, this time I have added a little twist, I used burlap instead of the traditional mat.

This is a super simple, inexpensive way to create a masterpiece for the home. Most recently I’ve seen this done at Pottery Barn and I loved that I’d already done it and for so much less expensive! My frames were half off at hobby lobby, I used a coupon for the burlap, spray adhesive to “stick” it all together and printed the photos at Costco. Picture perfect!

What, if anything, have you used instead of a traditional mat? What is your favorite type of art for the home?


  1. @VistaTrail did it again!  You continue to amaze.  This one is nice as it reminds me of my grandfather’s place of work in the 70’s, yet the burlap bags were heavy and not as fun at the time:)

    •  @JimBarker180  thanks, and that’s a funny comparison!  …not quite what I was going for, but glad I could help you remember a special person in your family.  😉

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