Spring Door Decor

Posted on Mar 25, 2012 in DIY Projects, Outdoor Spaces

Come on in!

The weather here is amazing and definitely makes it fun to have people over!  I’m so glad you are here!

When I saw this wreath in the Pottery Barn catalogue, I loved it! However, I turned the page and kept going. When I saw this wreath at Knock Off Decor, I took a second glance and decided to try to make it myself!

What I liked about it – the white flowers, the simplicity, and the green moss.  I also like that today it says Spring, but with the simple addition of a little nest and eggs it will say Easter (which is how PB actually sold theirs).  I love multi purpose decor!

This was a very simple wreath to make. I already had the grapevine wreath and moss. I bought a garland of white flowers for $10 (they were half off at HL) and a new bag of hot glue sticks.  I had enough to make two, so I made one for my mom as well!

First, I glued a thin layer of moss to the grapevine wreath. Then, I cut stems from the garland and began to put them into the wreath. I stuck the end I had cut from the garland into the wreath and hot glued the rest just enough to hold it on. I wanted it to look as natural as possible.

I think it looks great against my front door. I really like the contrast. I also like it on the mud bench, right next to my front door, with my book page canvas and chalkboard.  I had seen this quote at The Lettered Cottage a while back and went digging to find it again.  Sorry for the awful handwriting.  It’s like hearing your own voice recorded, why is it weird?  Ugh!  Anyway, so many fun options for spring!

I’m super excited to be linking to the Spring Link Party at Southern Hospitality. I can’t wait to see all of the fun ways people have decorated their spring doors!



  1. Nice work on the photography Tiffany Stadler Hernandez …impressive, and it looks great in your layout too! I’m sure Nicci Stadler will be so proud of you too!

  2. It really looks awesome and suits yo your door. Great idea..

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