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This fall season I am feeling so grateful.  It has been an interesting  year around our home.  As some of you know, last summer (2011) my husband started a new company.  We were excited and nervous and a little unsure, but knew that this was where God had led our family and Marc’s career.  What we did not anticipate was a flurry of things around our home, conveniences that we take for granted – going OUT.  Not just one, but our dishwasher, the air conditioner in Marc’s car, our washer, our front door knob, our garage refrigerator, and the pool pump.  To top it all off we had a slab leak  and our air conditioning went out in our house a few weeks ago.  Perspective – that is what this has given us.  While visiting another blog party I came across House of Belonging.  She has a beautiful home and lots of fun ideas, but her link to this party just got me.  She had made a sign for her kitchen that read, “Gratitude turns what we have into ENOUGH.”  Wow!  That is what I needed to hear.  We are beyond blessed and I was allowing conveniences or lack there of to distract me.  I am slowly working on my fall decor, but what I am working on most is remembering why I love fall around our home.  The changing of seasons – yes, time with family – yes, cooler weather – yes, our many blessings – most of all!  Today I am linking up to The Inspired Room “Fall Around the House” Party!

dining table

front porch



  1. I love the “life perspective” and the maturity and love that it portrays…and your painting is Awesome!!

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